Sportsbook is a fun and easy way to wager on sporting events. First, you pick a sports team or individual and place a bet on that game or event. Then, you can place that bet on your favorite team or against your buddy’s team (because everyone knows their team doesn’t stand a chance against yours!).

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  • Moneyline Bet: The Moneyline bet is the simplest of all sports wagers. It is a wager on which team or individual will win a game, match, or other event. A money line bet is also known as the Win Bet.
  • Point Spread Wagers: Point Spread Wagers are a little more complicated, but they are nothing to worry about. The following is an example of how a point spread works in a football game:

*example purposes only*

Minneapolis Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers

Point Spread

Minneapolis -15 Green Bay +15

-200 +200

You’ll notice that Minneapolis is listed as -15, and Green Bay is at +15. This is ‘THE SPREAD.’ For betting, a fifteen-point adjustment will be made to the final score. Minneapolis is the favorite here (hence the MINUS fifteen), so they’ll be deducted fifteen points if you back them. Green Bay is the underdog (hence the PLUS fifteen), so they will be given fifteen extra points if you back them.

If you back Minneapolis, you’ll need them to win by MORE than fifteen points. If they win by LESS than fifteen points or LOSE the game outright, then you’ll lose your wager. If you back Green Bay, you’ll need them to LOSE by less than fifteen points or WIN the game outright. You will lose your wager if they lose by more than fifteen points.

- TOTAL WAGERS: Total wagers are easy to understand. With these, you have to bet on whether the actual total in a game or event will be higher or lower than the estimated total posed by the bookmaker or betting site. For example, in a basketball or football game, you’ll be betting on the total number of POINTS scored by both teams.


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